Volunteers can be found in any part of the community but they have to be recommended by the Adult Committee.

Prior to working with a JCR Patrol, prospective volunteers shall:

Be interviewed by the AC to determine suitability including but not limited to:

  • having a disposition and bearing conducive to youth development,
  • being physically and mentally ready to instruct activities, and
  • demonstrated pertinent skills and abilities beneficial to delivery of the JCR Program;

Complete and sign the volunteer agreement, which will be used to:

  • inform volunteers of the potential liability attached to their activities,
  • ensure volunteer duties are in accordance with QR (Cadets),
  • ensure volunteers are actually capable of performing the functions for which they are volunteering, and
  • ensure an agreement is in place for the duration the volunteer will be providing services to the patrol; and
  • successfully undergo screening in accordance with JCR Program Screening Policy.

JCR Patrol Leaders recommend volunteers and the CRPG Commanding Officer (CO) approves volunteers.

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